Under 30 Membership Programme

Charlotte Gilks
Dec 19, 2023

Under 30 Membership Programme

Makerversity is a dynamic brand committed to inspiring and supporting makers, as well as fostering innovation communities in major cities worldwide. With a membership of over 300 entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators, Makerversity is at the forefront of design, engineering, and digital practice. These member companies are devoted to developing groundbreaking solutions for various global challenges, including climate change, health, and inequality. Makerversity provides its early-stage teams with specialized prototyping facilities, affordable workspace, and a comprehensive business support platform. Embracing an inclusive ethos, Makerversity offers two free residencies, Makers with a Mission and Under 25s, enabling individuals at the beginning of their journeys or lacking resources to access valuable opportunities.

Every three months we offer free membership to makers under 30 years old (or there abouts), providing the tools and space to develop a business. Membership includes desk space, workshops, fabrication facilities, events and a whole host of other benefits. This free membership programme runs for three months. After that, we offer 50% off membership for 9 months.

We say: you might never have been to school or university. You might be a freelancer or have your own start-up. Maybe you’ve never had a job or maybe you’re already a director of your own company. You may have an idea or have your fingers in many pies. If we can facilitate you, we'd love to support you.

What you'll receive:

- Full time or part time (60hrs/month) access options

- Use of hot desks

- Unlimited workshop hours

- Locker space available

- Free use of meeting rooms

- Free inductions on all equipment

- Join an international community of makers

- Opportunity to showcase work to the public through our public programme

- Attend social, business support and community events

- Free software & learning resources

- Access to paid opportunities

- A central London postal address

- Somerset House & local services discounts

- A range of supplier discounts

Sound good to you?

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Under 30 Membership Programme
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