Under 25’s Autumn 2022

Esther Ellard
Oct 3, 2023

Della Yellow

Ella is a graduate of Imperial College London where she studied Design Engineering and specialised in sustainable products and services. Her business, Della Yellow, has just launched and is the latest entrant to the sustainable fashion market. Della Yellow offers embellished vintage trousers with a luxury upcycling service.

We know we need to be more mindful with the amount we buy. Della Yellow gives you the experience of a brand new garment, without the guilt. It’s stylish, different, and the next step up. The most sustainable fashion is garments that already exist. Della Yellow takes those and elevates them, creating completely bespoke pieces that are uniquely yours.

At the Della Yellow website, customers can choose from a collection of reimagined vintage designer trousers or can send a pair they no longer wear to Della Yellow for a makeover using the Commissions service. Customers can choose Commissions from a range of styles and fabrics, send their trousers to Della Yellow in pre-paid packaging and receive them back looking fantastic. Both options create a unique design statement.  Every specially designed pair of Della Yellow trousers is sustainable, using select rescued vintage fabrics.

Ella is spending her time at Makerversity between the workshop and textiles rooms, to prepare for a series of pop-up shops, starting at John Lewis at the end of September.

Find out more and shop Della Yellow here

Joe Browning

Joe Browning is an interdisciplinary artist, sound designer and founder of Cagney 2020: a multimedia experiment synthesising digital technology with live community arts. Cagney has appeared in virtual installations, visual art and live performances, all aiming to re-purpose the tools of mass media to support collective creation.

Outside of Cagney, Joe is a composer and performer, creating for theatre productions and film across England and internationally, using original production and archival sound to explore media’s role in forming memory and identity.

Find out more about Joe Browning here

Reianna Shakil

Reianna Shakil is a London-based multidisciplinary designer and the founding director of Studio ZRX – a circular design practice that seeks to balance experimental playfulness and timeless functionality, whilst focusing on the nuances of materiality. She dabbles between furniture, product, object, and the odd biomaterial concept. Studio ZRX offers design consulting as a service and is open to commission work and collaboration with other creatives. Innately inquisitive by nature, Reianna finds joy in making the ‘everyday’ more accessible and starting conversations through discursive design. She has an avid interest in sustainable design processes and the circular economy; and seeks to apply these methodologies to her practice.

Reianna holds a BA(Hons) in Product and Furniture Design from Kingston School of Art (2021). Since graduating, she went on to set up her design practice and has taken part in IdeaBoosterLab – an entrepreneurship programme by Bayes Business School and Bocconi University; in addition to being on the UAL Creative Futures business incubator programme. Having been affected by the pandemic during her degree, she has been relentless in her quest for opportunities to build her 3D-making skills and has taken part in various making courses and masterclasses to bridge those knowledge gaps.

During Reianna’s time at Makerversity, her main priorities revolve around building on her confidence with machining processes – and gaining a better understanding of various materials to inform her practice; by producing prototypes in both handmade and CNC forms. In her final year of study, she did a conceptual redesign of a ubiquitous domestic appliance – the hairdryer – and is currently researching how to bring her innovative idea from concept to reality, through electronics and engineering. Furthermore, Reianna is working on research and development of a niche rocking chair design, in addition to fleshing out the visual identity and online presence of her design practice. She also has plans to develop a food waste-based biomaterial in the future.

Find out more about Studio ZRX here

Under 25’s Autumn 2022
Louisa Clark