We have a range of workshops, spaces and equipment. Makerversity’s facilities are available to all Makerversity members with free inductions to use every machine.

Wood Workshop
Digital Workshop
Fashion Workshop
Engineering workshop
Photography and Podcast Studio
Materials Exploration Workshop

Wood Workshop

Makerversity’s wood workshop space has a range of machines, hand tools, workbenches and power tools. We also have our own full bed CNC machine. Run and managed by our in house technician, the workshop is a space where our members make a mess, get their hands dirty and bring their ideas to life.

Axminster Bandsaw
Floor and table top pillar drills
Festool Chop Saw
CNC router 1220 x 2440 mm
Hand tools and Festool power tools
Belt and Disk Sanders
Table Saw
Bobbin Sander

Digital Workshop

Makerversity’s digital workshop provides a clean space for digital production and fabrication. We have a range of different 3D printers and electronics equipment and a large laser cutter. As well as a Graphics Computer with all the softwares you need to design for free.

1300 x 900mm bed Laser Cutter
Roland gs24 Vinyl Cutter
Vacuum former
Heat Press kit
FDM Printers : Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker S5, Witbox 2, Bambu Lab X1
SLA printers : Form 2 and Form 3
Mayku Multiplier
Electronics workbenches

Fashion Workshop

The fashion workshop is factory floor for many of our members. We have a range of machines to get next season’s garments ready for delivery.

Roland vinyl cutter
Large cutting tables
Industrial heatpress
Industrial & domestic sewing machines
Industrial Overlocker
10 needle Embroidery machine
Button hole machine

Engineering workshop

The engineering room is the place to do metal working. We have a manual mill and an engineering lathe. Desktop cnc mills and various presses and metal benders as well as grinders and cutters.

Metal lathe Clarke CL430
Forco Start pillar drill
Silverline grinding wheel
Baileigh metal bender
10 ton pneumatic press
Manual Mill

Photography and Podcast Studio

Our Photography Studio can be booked 24/7 and is big enough for a range of shoots. With a privacy curtain it can be used for photography or filming.

Makerversity’s Podcast studio is run by Podcast PR and production specialists Content is Queen. The studio and its facilities are open to Makerversity members.

Photography Studio

Westcott D5 lights
ESDDI light boxes
DSLR cameras and GoPro
Camera Tripods
Backdrop holder with range of Colorama backdrops
4k film cameras and editing software

Podcast Studio

Vocal recording
Mixing and mastering of audio
PR & Marketing assistance
Audio clean up

Materials Exploration Workshop

Makerversity’s Materials Exploration space is a messy and clean flexible, separate workshop which can be used for experimenting and creating, as well as providing materials storage for drying, cooling and storing projects. The facility can also be block booked for projects both by members and third parties.

Fume Cupboard
Industrial Blender
Temperature control Fridges
Dehydrator Cupboard
Mixing utensils
Sink and dishwasher