Under 30's Winter Cohort 2024

Louisa Clark
Apr 4, 2024

Jack Allfrey

Jack is a Product and Furniture designer, using efficient low waste ideas to create everyday useable designs; from shelving units with old crushed scaffolding pipes, to reusing waste leather offcuts to create stools inspired by the formation of rocks. 

During Jack's 3 month residency he has been taking full advantage of access to workshop facilities which he otherwise wouldn’t have. He has used the 3 months is to enhance his portfolio, creating a collection of pieces which he has been photographing in our photography studio, kickstarting the creation of his website. Jack has been particularly using the woodwork shop and metal workshop, experimenting with off-cuts of leather and wood to make innovative utilitarian and household items.

You can read more about Jack's practice and work here

Matleena Honkanen

Matleena Honkanen is a freelance graphic designer working in the arts and cultural sector. Co-founding the design cooperative Working Conditions, she collaborates with institutions to develop visual identities for events and exhibitions. Additionally, her passion for labour rights led her to develop a research project, The Uniform Paradox, which delves into the complexities of authority and identity within workers' uniforms.

Matleena has been using the workshop facilities at Makerversity to combine physical elements to her digital practice - as well as being apart of a large creative community for feedback, collaboration and opportunity.

Find Matleena's extensive graphics portfolio here, and her cooperative working conditions here.

Anamaria Burduli

Anamaria is a trained musician and performer, as well as a multidisciplinary maker. Creating slow fashion costume pieces, kickstarting a line of 3D printed Jewellery and creating graphics animation work.

During her 3 month residency Anamaria is utilising the fashion workshop and 3D printing facilities. Producing a line of slow fashion costumes and putting into production her 3D printed jewellery. 

Alongside her physical work she is excited to use our new high tech 4k film equipment to experiment with video & sound, incorporating her music, fashion, and costume work.

You can keep up with all avenues of Anamarias practice here.

Cyrus Jarvis - Peykar

Cyrus is co-founder of Studio Peykar, a two person studio 'cultivating concepts and ideas into experiments for positive change'.

During their 3 month residency they have been prototyping USBs that they're hoping to launch a creative community on in the distant future. In the shorter term they have been working on various media outlets for the Peykar brand. Both of which will become public soon! 

Keep up with the Peykar and the launch of their new creative community here

Under 30's Winter Cohort 2024
Louisa Clark