Under 25’s Summer 2022

Esther Ellard
Nov 3, 2023

Rickie Cheuk

British Born Hong Kong artisan Rickie is a Materials Explorer who loves to go through the process of experimenting unconventional ways of making. He laboriously practices sustainable design by using waste materials around the world to make with and turn into new objects in metals, woods, plastics, organics, fabrics, ceramics, composites and stones.

With a background in Architectural Studies at University College London and Drawing Methodologies from The Slade School of Fine Arts, Rickie uses different mediums to convey his passion for making with materials.

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David Reason

David Reason is a visual artist and spatial designer, with a background in architecture, having also recently graduated in MA Interior and Spatial Design at Camberwell. His works operate within the intersection of the virtual and the physical as well as technology and art, covering the fields of spatial design, animation, art direction and installation art. David uses game engines, immersive technologies, 3d-printing and metalwork to create immersive experiences, cinematics, virtual spaces and objects. The metaverse, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and their dialogue with issues such as climate change are key topics explored in his work.

During his time at Makerversity he aims to develop a series of 3D printed resin sculptures and a metal casted sculpture (through lost PLA process).

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Norco Dental

Philip is co-founder at Norco Dental, an innovative oral healthcare company working to radically reinvent the interdental brush. These are products that are used to clean in-between teeth, removing plaque from the 40% of surfaces that your toothbrush can’t reach and are used by over 8 million people in the UK alone. Unfortunately, due to the way they’re currently designed, they often fail to survive even one cleaning effort – making necessary daily use a laborious and time-consuming activity. Consequently, many people end up neglecting their oral health and suffer as a result.

Our ambition is to create a more sustainable alternative to currently available products, that in addition, far beats the user experience many patients feel is desperately lacking. We believe that people should feel empowered to keep their oral hygiene in the best condition possible, not bogged down by expensive tools which make it a chore.

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Under 25’s Summer 2022
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