Shop small festive gift guide 2022

Esther Ellard
Oct 3, 2023

Check out our selection of Makerversity members and alumni where you can shop some ‘one of a kind’ gifts this festive season.

Muffat Prague

Muffatprague is a creative partnership founded by Rob and Hils, they have evolved their iconic bird shape into 3D and 2D pieces.

Pieces are made in small batches at Somerset House, working with eco friendly UK sustainably produced brass, FSC certified paper, wood and locally sourced reclaimed wood.

Market dates in London include:

Pullens Yards Open Studios: 22b Lliffe Yard

  • 2nd December, 6:30-9:30pm
  • 3rd & 4th December, 11am-6pm

Crafty Fox Winter Market, CSM The Crossing, Granary Square N1C 4AA

  • 11th December, 11-5pm

Shop Muffatpragues holiday and original collection HERE

Della Yellow

Della Yellow is a bespoke fashion brand dedicated to up-cycling old garments, extending their lifetime, reducing fast fashion, and making you feel good.

Della yellow wanted to enjoy the fun of fashion and the power of wearing garments that truly reflect individuals, whilst also being aware that the Climate Emergency is being fuelled by a wasteful fashion industry.

Della Yellow, in direct contrast to fast fashion, works solely with pre-existing high quality pieces to extend their life. They offer individual and considered garments which feel good and do good.

Have a look through Ready-to-wear garments as well as their Customisations page.

Rickie Cheuk

The WA=MA range, designed by Atelier RCHEUK exclusively for The Home Of Sustainable Things includes, Dining Cutlery, Salad Set, Butter Knife, Platter Fork, Burger Skewer, Chopsticks and Platters.

Re-imagined, the range of contemporary tableware is made entirely from waste in a manufacturing process that benefits from a much shorter supply chain and minimised energy input, where scrap is sourced almost exclusively within 20 miles radius from the studio’s West London workshop, where all items are manufactured.

Shop Rickie’s exclusive range of tableware HERE

Dreamout Games – Yes, Yes Yeti

Yes, Yes Yeti is the family fun card game of strategy and luck! created by multi-disciplinary designer Drew Richards.

You’ve just learned the location of the elusive Yeti but, unfortunately, so has everyone else! Will you push your luck and pick a high number card in the hope of moving along the path fastest? The higher the number, the bigger the potential move towards the Yeti – but also the bigger the potential risk of turning over a Slip! card. The first player to land on or pass the Yeti gets the best photo – plus fortune, glory and the win!

Grab your Yes, Yes Yet from Gingerfox HERE

Also available at Amazon HERE

The Atlas Works

The Atlas Works is a collaboration between two London based designers and a traditional factory in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

The range is a collection of purposeful products that combine modern design, beautiful materials and artisanal manufacturing techniques. All the glassware is made from recycled glass which means the colour and surface markings are unique to each item.

Shop the beautifully minimalist range of glassware HERE

Bramwell Brown

Bramwell Brown Clocks are beautifully crafted, hand assembled, animated clocks. Founded by brother sister duo, Rob and Sarah, they’ve built a range of customisable, enchanting, and inventive weather clocks.

Every Bramwell Brown clock is assembled with care and pride by the extremely skilled team at our workshop in Hampshire. The workshop is an appealing mix of space-age, dust-free, anti-static wizardry and good old-fashioned handmade dexterity. The team will work on a batch at a time – then test each clock extensively before sending it out.

Shop Bramwell Brown’s range of Weather, Holiday, and Tide clocks HERE

Made by Koa

Made by Koa are an innovative bedding company co-founded by designers Ben and Luke, with an ethos to create delightful solutions to overlooked problems.

The Koa Cover is a luxuriously soft duvet cover that removes the bed changing faff we all despise. Koa’s easy change design has an inventive central opening, that puts every corner within arms reach, for an easier and quicker duvet cover change.

“We think the little things are really the big things. And we believe that even the most mundane moments can be lifted through clever, thoughtful design. By reinventing accepted chores, we can really make people’s day.”

Shop your Koa Duvet Cover HERE


Sustainable + versatile pieces so that you can do more with less. Innovative super fabrics, and they partner with factories who put people + planet first.

Aday make capsule styles cleverly designed to be as versatile as possible. Each piece is sustainably made with innovative super fabrics for durability, longevity and easy care.

Through their lived experiences, they’ve learnt that surrounding ourselves with fewer, more sustainably and beautifully designed choices brings us clarity and satisfaction. They’ve learnt and now encourage slowing down and making considered decisions.

Aday was crafted through this lens: each piece is made to bring you joy. Every item is repeatedly tested for function and comfortable, fully machine washable and designed with seasonless design details so you can be an outfit repeater with joy.

Shop Aday’s collection and sale HERE

Check out all current members and alumni HERE

Shop small festive gift guide 2022
Louisa Clark