Makerversity Community Parties

Charlotte Gilks
Jan 17, 2024

Makerversity every summer and winter organises infamous parties for our community. In the spirit of fostering a vibrant and interconnected community, Makerversity, known for its commitment to creativity and innovation, hosts spectacular parties twice a year – once in winter and once in summer. These events go beyond the typical office gatherings, creating memorable experiences that bring the community together in celebration of creativity and collaboration.

Makerversity's parties are not just about socializing; they're immersive experiences. Each event we theme. Whether it's a "what's your best hat" or "double denim" we can't wait to see how members will dress.

Beyond the dance floor with our collaboration between Somerset House Studios and Makerversity Djs throughout the night, we have karaoke to sing your heart out and cameras or Showtime Photo Booth to group together and look amazing.

Makerversity's commitment to community building shines brightly through our parties. Let your hair down and celebrate with the community.

Makerversity Community Parties
Louisa Clark