Makers with a Mission Summer Cohort 2023

Louisa Clark
Oct 3, 2023

Makerversity has always offered 20% of all memberships for free, as part of our residency programmes – Under 25’s and Makers with a Mission. Here we take a look at the latest Makers with a Mission cohort joining Makerversity for 3months free membership and support.


Theo Kelly and Sam Coleman, co-founders of Mentis, have built an easy-to-use mushroom grower, called the Toolbox. Inject your spores, set the temperature, and harvest fresh mushrooms just a few weeks later.

‘We’re starting with Lion’s Mane, a fluffy-looking white mushroom that grows on decaying logs. Lion’s Mane is famous for its positive effects on focus and memory, and is increasingly taken as a supplement.

Unfortunately, Lion’s Mane is an endangered species in the UK, so it’s illegal to forage or sell. This means that the only way to access fresh Lion’s Mane is to grow it yourself.’

‘Our mission is to enable anyone to access mushrooms for their own mental health. We hope that with the Toolbox, more people will experience the satisfaction of growing their own medicine.’

You can check out more about Mentis and their mushroom growing Toolbox here.

Sri Hollema – Mat Zero

Each year millions of refugees suffer during the harsh winter months. Existing heating methods are commonly hazardous, producing toxic fumes, causing accidental fires, and are harmful to the environment, Sri Hollema, founder of Mat Zero Heat Limited is developing a safe way to tackle this issue.

Mat Zero provides a safe, simple, sustainable and cost-effective solution. The heated sitting mat, powered by a solar charged battery, is placed on the floor of any shelter, providing warmth and comfort to refugee families.

You can see their full website here, and keep up-to-date with Mat Zero’s activities on their instagram page here.

Marie Callan – URBAG

URBAG® is a British brand pioneering sustainability in the clothing aftercare industry.

Marie Callan, founder of URBAG is driven by a strong environmental spirit and desire for innovation and circularity, URBAG® is a social enterprise on a mission to rid the world of single-use plastic garment covers with a smarter, more luxurious, reusable, and sustainable alternative.

‘The URBAG® story is defined by my passion for sustainability and innovative design, along with the determination to make a positive impact in the world.

By eliminating single-use plastic in an industry rife with excess plastic consumption, we hope to create a new blueprint for businesses and consumers alike.’

Find out more about URBAG and their products here.

You can follow them on instagram here.

Makers with a Mission Summer Cohort 2023
Louisa Clark