Makers with a Mission Summer 2022

Esther Ellard
Oct 3, 2023


We at SCALED develop custom-fit material solutions for flexible body armor.

Our nature-inspired ‘scale-like’ material is used in sports protection, medical rehabilitation and industrial work-safety. We use 3D printing to design for any body part and application area to deliver flexible impact protection and prevention of hyperextension injuries in human joints through interlocking scales.

At SCALED we aim to protect the superhumans of tomorrow, by preventing injuries today.

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Ambessa Play

Sara Berkai is the founder of Ambessa Play, a social enterprise that creates educational toy kits and workshops for children. Sara has a background in technology and education, with experience at tech companies, charities and universities.

Ambessa Play is a social enterprise operating on a one-for-one model. For every kit purchased in the UK, a displaced child out of school receives one for free. According to UNICEF, there are four million displaced children out of school. After running several STEM workshops in East Africa, children who were displaced, asked us to build specific toys that they needed every day, such as a flashlight – where children can learn through play. Ambessa Play has won the Innovate UK’s Young Innovator award and participated in the Design Museum’s Entrepreneurs Hub.

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We are building GetZero, an immersive educational tool for students to learn how to decarbonise their homes. Linked to the curriculum and co-designed with students, the app will show a digital twin of their home where students can virtually test out emission reduction behaviours or new technologies, then bring them to life through a series of challenges in the real-world.

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Makers with a Mission Summer 2022
Louisa Clark