Makers with a Mission Autumn 2022

Esther Ellard
Oct 3, 2023


Designer Abi Sheng sees the future of fashion as being less about traditional garments and more about designing alternative bodies…

“We believe the versatility of fashion will unify the present and future. We are redefining the concept of dressing as a way of body transformation and modifying the engineering of identity, enabling fashion’s power to transmit a cosmic consciousness.

SAPIENSI prides an all-gender-friendly, energy-efficient, and seasonless clothing style. It promotes innovative designs generated from a meticulous collaboration between our human designers and AI algorithms.

SAPIENSI is conscious about the ecological footprint we leave behind; we offer virtual fittings for all masterpieces and 3D wearables to establish not only a seasonless but a minimalistic waste fashion line while allowing humankind to appreciate Sapiensi’s products and services with an ethical and unique peace of mind.”

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Richard A Aina

“I fell into the world of design rather by accident, a serious hip injury ended my hopes of making the first football team just before I joined secondary school. Whilst my peers were galavanting on the playing fields, I felt like a prisoner in my tiny room distraught. The following morning, I limped to the design department with a rough instinctive sketch of a chair that I thought could keep my mind occupied – away from football. That rough sketch became a technical drawing, then a series of 1:1 mock-ups developing towards the handcrafting of “The Rib Chair” (pictured) completed by the end of the academic year at the age of fourteen.

Even though I was able to play football the following year, my newfound love for design spurred me on to develop my acquired skills in crafting “The Lounge Chair” (pictured) the following year and “The Ski Chair” when I was eighteen (pictured).

As a former Master’s Student from the Architectural Association, my West African heritage inspired my final project. An architecture that was able to rehouse the cultural objects of a particular ethnic group, repatriated from Western museums and institutions. Being able to spiritually rehabilitate these sacred objects, I call this an afro-revivalist style of architecture. Having graduated last year, I currently work with a design practice. Whilst in my time available, I am pursuing my craft passion that was birthed over 15 years ago. Ingrained with my woodwork and metalwork skills, I am pursuing a craft-based investigation to produce a collection of pioneering afro-revivalist furniture. The innate brilliance of West African creativity and craft culture is inspired through the times of antiquity, but my work reimagines masterpieces through a contemporary lens and is combined with counterpart furniture of other cultures. I want to showcase this entirely unique offering to a worldwide audience.”

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Water Aware Collective

Coming soon…


Coming soon…

Makers with a Mission Autumn 2022
Louisa Clark